Flag Carriers Wanted

Iowa Western has sent a request for scouts (Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts and Venturers) to assist with carrying a 30’x50′ American flag onto the field prior to their Sept 6 football game at the Lewis Central football field.  The game is at 6 pm.  Scouts should be in uniform.  The game is military appreciation night, and IWCC would like to have scouts, rather than the military (since they are being honored).


Interested units should contact me:  Jason Cruse jason.cruse@scouting.org


Important Dates for 2014-2015

Save the Dates!

Upcoming dates to mark on your calendar; registration coming soon!


Aug 23                       Popcorn Training  

                                    –need 2 people from your unit, IWCC, F150

 Sep 2                        Popcorn Preorders Due

Sep 6                        MAC Leadership Summit

Sep 19-20                 Top Shot @ LSSR

Sep 27                      TB East Shooting Sports Day

                                  Popcorn Sales Begin

Oct 10-12                 Jubilee

Oct 25                       Merit Badge College

                                  Cub College

Nov 8                         University of Scouting

Dec 4                         Charters Due (West)

Dec 11                       Charters Due (East)

Jan 10                        Leadership Summit

                                  Council Awards Banquet

Jan 23-25                  Webelos Lock-in

Mar 6                         District Dinner

Mar 14                      First Aid Meet

Mar 24                      District Night of Planning

Apr 11                       Scouting for Food

Apr 18                       Scouting for Food

Apr 24-26                 Spring Camporee at Pierce Rec Area

Involvement and Registration of Parents

The following email was sent to unit leaders and committee chairs in Trailblazer on June 23.


“In the past, at sign up nights, we have not required registration if there role is simply to “help” with events, such as pinewood derby, Blue and Gold, etc.   Increasingly, however, parents are taking roles in units that involve direct contact with youth without registering as a leader and being trained.  This includes regular driving (to most if not every event), active participation in unit meetings, active participation in committee meetings, hosting and moderating social media, etc.  All of these present a legal risk to the unit, should something unfortunate occur.

Parents are always welcome to attend events, meetings, and so forth.  However, once involvement moves beyond simple attend to active participation, they need to register.  This is to protect you, your chartered partner and most of all, your youth.

Please remember, as well, that anyone that registers needs to be youth protection trained at the time of registration.”

Internet Safety Rules revisted

The following email was sent to all Trailblazer unit leaders and committee chairs on June 23.


“Many units in Trailblazer have a variety of social media outlets for their members and friends.  I wanted to take a moment this morning to review BSA’s social media policies and suggestions.

Social media comes under BSA’s youth protection policies.  With this in mind, if youth are members of your page, please make sure that there are no private conversations between a youth and an adult.  Please also make certain that if any adult in your unit needs to contact a youth via electronic media (email, messaging, etc), that another adult is copied on that email.  This ensures that everyone is safe.

For photos, keeping our youth safe is paramount.  Avoid “tagging” youth in photos.  If you do choose to tag, then you must also have a release form signed by the parents.  It is recommended that you do this annually.  A copy of the release form can be found here:  http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/Marketing/Tell%20Your%20Story/TalentReleaseForm.aspx

At least two people should have administrator rights to a page, whether it is a web page, facebook, blog, twitter account, etc.  It is recommended that one of these be at the district level.  We do not have, and will likely not have, a district electronic communications chair.  With this in mind, a member of the Key 3 should be invited to be an administrator for a page.  Sarah Young (formerly Arnold), our former DE who is now the council’s web and social media director, is also willing to serve in this capacity.  This ensures that the policies and procedures of the BSA are being upheld (even though an individual creates the page, once any mention of BSA, BSA programs, patches, etc are used, BSA intellectual property rights apply.)

BSA does NOT recommend making pages private.  This is also to ensure compliance with youth protection policies.”